The Department of Field Crops was established in accordance with the Ankara Higher Agriculture Institute Law no. 2291, which was adopted on June 10, 1933 by the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) and was published on June 20, 1933, and was established in Ankara Higher Agriculture Institute, consisting of 4 faculties, from 7 institutes of the Faculty of Agriculture as one of the “Nebatat (in old Arabic which means Plant) Cultivation and Growing Institute” was founded. In 1937, the name of our department was changed as the “Institute of Growing and Breeding.

The Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) took place as the institute of “Nebat Growing and Breeding Institute” in Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture with the closure of the Higher Agriculture Institute and the attachment of the Faculty of Agriculture to Ankara University with the Law no. 5234 accepted on June 30, 1948.

Because of the education and examination regulations with dated 13.10.1953 and it passed to the department system of our faculty, and the name of our department is “Department of Plant Growing and Breeding in the Faculty of Agriculture”, “Field Crops for Cultivation and Improvement of Field Crops” “has been changed.

In 1933, founded as the Institute of Nebatat Growing and Nebatat Breeding, Ord. Prof. Dr. HOFFMANN, Vice Ord. Prof. Dr. MATSCHENZ, in 1936 and 1937 Ord. Prof. Dr. DIX has been served.

In the same year, Turkish lecturers who worked with German teaching staff; Dr. Ömer Rüştü TARMAN, Dr. Vamık TAYŞİ, Ph.D. Nurullah İhsan TOLON, Reşat ATABEK, Ph.D. Celal TARIMAN, Osman TOSUN, Emin EMRE, Fethi İNCEKARA and Hüseyin GÖKÇORA. With the departure of German lecturers from Turkey since 1938, the academic staff of the same Department has been made up entirely of Turkish lecturers.