Some of the aims of our departments are,

– To give education at the level of undergraduate and graduate for to provide agriculture engineers and researchers who need the sectors (private and public)

– To carry out researches and solve the problems related to growing techniques encountered/during the crop production

–  To develop new varieties using classical, biotechnological or other advanced methods

–  To conduct research and education-training to ensure dissemination and development of the biotechnological topic.

Some of the main research areas of the our departments can be mentioned like this cereal growing and breeding, edible pulses, industrial plants, meadow and pasture plants, tissue culture, plant growing and breeding, energy crops,  field crops ecology, organic farming, biodiversity, conservation, etc. In addition to them, sustainable agricultural development activities (particularly organic agriculture, ecology), in situ and in vitro conservation and development of environment and natural resources, plant gene resources, biodiversity, preservation and evaluation of gene resources, etc. can be add.

At the same time graduate and undergraduate educations are given in the field crops in our department with the practically. Upon completion of the undergraduate education (It takes 4 years) of pupils “(MSc.) or Master Science of the Agriculture Engineer” title is given and after that (totally 6-9 years more) “the degree of Agriculture Higher Engineer or Agriculture Doctor (PhD)” title is given with the presentation and defense of the PhD. Thesis along with an international paper which was published in Science.